Wifisfuneral for INEFFABLE

On Tuesday, June 5, we were able to photograph up-and-coming Palm Beach, Florida rapper Wifisfuneral in our latest collection before his Ethernet Listening Party at VFILES. Here's what happened:


On Monday I got an email from VFiles saying that they would be hosting Wifisfuneral's Ethernet listening party the following day. I showed Zack and he reached out to an A&R from Wifi's record label whom he's had previous contact with. He looped Zack into a group message with Wifi's project manager who put together the event.

He never responded so Zack followed up the day of, and received a call from the project manager shortly after. Zack was trying to get them to swing by our new showroom space on their way to the show but the project manager requested that we meet them at VFiles instead, which was cool with us. At this point, it was only a couple of hours before we had to be there so we pulled together a few pieces for Wifi and sought out to find a disposable camera at our local Duane Reade. Camera in hand, we arrived at the front doors of VFiles where we waited for Wifi's project manager to let us in. We showed him a few pieces we had for Wifi and he said he'd introduce us as soon as he arrived. 

Two hours of sitting around fly by and we still had no sight of Wifi, but we were sure to keep our sights on his road manager so we could make a move when the time is right...and then we lost him.

At this point, we made the decision to head to the back of the store where there was a door that lead to the basement where we figured Wifi was waiting before he hit the stage. We were stopped by security and had to text the his project manager once again to let us downstairs. After a bit of back and forth (Wifi had just bought a brand new outfit in NY and the manager said he wouldn't want to change again), he let us downstairs to shoot Wifi in our latest pieces.

If there's one lesson to take away from this experience, let it be this: persistence is key.