Introducing: Aplikore

For a while now, I've been following @feltzine, an account on Instagram that features 3D and motion graphic designers. They post a ton of unbelievably talented artists and I've been waiting for them to feature an artist that was inline with INEFFABLE's aesthetic. A few weeks ago, they posted a graphic from an account called @aplikore. It was different, I've never seen anything like it. The graphic featured a futuristic, human-like model wearing blank, solid colored clothes. I thought to myself, "How cool would it be to have the model wearing INEFFABLE?" So, I reached out to the artist. 

Ineffable 1 (Variant 2).jpg

Can you give a brief introduction to yourself? 
My name is Benjamin Shihundu but I go by the name “Aplikore”. I currently live in British Columbia, Canada but I was born Africa. Being a freshman in high school, so many people have been extremely surprised that I’m this young, they’re like, “You must be kidding me,” or they ask questions like, “How are you so talented?” For the most part, I’ve always kind of known that I was naturally gifted within the visual arts, but I don't think that would've gone anywhere if I didn’t put my blood and sweat into this. Honestly, I thank God that I’m still able to do this because I wouldn’t have the talent I have now if it wasn’t for Him. 

Ineffable 1.jpg

When did you start doing graphic design? When did you develop your current style of art/what influenced it? 

It all started about two years ago, when I was about 12 years old. All my friends and family know that I originally began doing lettering. I had absolutely no experience with Photoshop, but I was and still am enamored by the act of creating and how it felt to do that even if I was just making those posts for friends or family to see. It’s something special. Eventually, I decided to use hashtags and from there more and more people got to see my work and I got attention from many other artists who were in the same line of interest as me. I was so thrilled. I remember being so excited and telling my family that thirty people liked y post. From there, I explored and experimented with graphic design, and that snowballed into thoroughly learning 3D design as well. 

Ineffable 2.jpg

Can you explain a little bit of your process when creating a piece like the ones you did for INEFFABLE? 
With the artwork, I started off by creating the poses of the 3D human models used. This is the most tedious process in the world. From there, I added the clothing onto them and used the actual clothing from the INEFFABLE website as a reference so that the cuts and stitches were more accurate. And finally, I composited and rendered them. All this was done with a workflow of four 3D based programs and took me about a week to do. Extremely fun project.

Ineffable 3 (Variant 3) copy.jpg


Where can people keep up with your work? (Plug socials, website, etc.)

Aside from posting my much bigger projects on Behance, I’ll be releasing a website very soon. For now, people can mainly see my works on Instagram.