Inspiration Behind Our Spring/Summer 2018 Collection


Ever wonder how a new clothing collection comes about? Truthfully, there's no straight answer, no strict formula, and no step-by-step guide to follow – but here's a behind the scenes look at the inspiration that led to INEFFABLE's meticulously crafted Spring/Summer 2018 collection.


The entire collection follows a track and field motif. When I first started designing the collection, I wanted to tell the story of my high school experience. I hated school. My grades dropped drastically, I couldn't stay awake in class and everyone thought there was something wrong with me. In reality, I was just bored and I was seeing so much success out of the classroom that I didn't see much of a reason for me to be there. The idea of the track and field theme is to express how bad I wanted to "run away" from school to pursue what I was passionate about: INEFFABLE. The graphic on the back of the "Run While You Can T-Shirt" shows someone hopping over a fence, escaping their track meet – an analogy for taking one's own path in order to explore their dreams. The lanes the rest of the runners are in represent the people that are content following the path society mapped out for them.


I started with a black pair of track pants since so many people had requested them. From there, it only seemed right to design a matching top. I chose to use nylon ripstop for the construction, and after a few rounds of samples, I decided to go with a wax-lined nylon that makes the entire track suit waterproof. 

The Logo Ribbed Shirt & Shorts continue the theme, representing what the gym uniform would be if INEFFABLE were an institution. They're essentials which feature unique branding and extreme attention to quality and detail. No, I didn't invent the t-shirt or mesh athletic short, but I created what in my opinion is the best possible version. 

Since Fall/Winter 2016, my collections have always included some type of patterned or split flannel. This time around I created the Split Flannel in a red colorway with bright yellow contrast stitching. This matches the collar on our Corduroy Trucker Jacket –the standout piece in the collection which features olive and tan color blocking.