What We've Been Working On - FW18 Preview

I've been sitting on the designs for our upcoming Fall/Winter 2018 collection for a while now. In April, I submitted the techpacks to our factory to start the first round of sample production. Usually, it takes a few rounds of sampling to perfect a design, especially if it's a new style. New for this season, I worked with custom knits. That was probably the toughest manufacturing challenge. The knit sweaters pictured above were created from scratch out of yarn. I decided to sample with two different factories. The first factory made the sweater sample out of 100% cotton yarn and the second made it from acrylic yarn, which isn't as soft but is noticeably heavier/thicker. Another new style I'm really excited for is a reversible down jacket. A lot of revisions need to be made to the original sample, but in the end I know it'll be the perfect winter jacket. When designing it I wanted one side to be subtle so you can wear it with anything. I wanted the other side to turn the same jacket into an eye-grabbing piece. Side two features an all-over INEFFABLE logo print. On the final, the logos with be metallic silver and sublimated onto black satin. The neckline for side two is also lined with black velour. 

Above are pictures of the first round samples along with the revisions that we sent to the factory. Hopefully the next round comes out perfect!